Role of Stem Cells in Wellness and Aging
Stem cells have the ability to regenerate the tissue from which they are derived over the lifespan of an individual.  New cells are formed from mother cells which in turn can be formed by stem cells.  If aging is the process of the body breaking down in the face of damage, then stem cells are the anti-aging treatment that can counteract the damage that causes aging and bring our bodies back to optimum health. However, stem cells are also reduced due to diseases illnesses, environmental factors such as smoking and heavy drinking, lack of exercise, malnourishment and mental depression. It is time to overcome serious health challenges and get back on the road to healthy living.
Others Benefits
• Greater energy and stamina
• Improved libido
• Improved sense of wellbeing
• Boost immune system
• Improved memory
• Less bone + joint pain
• Improve skin texture / condition
• Regulate hormone imbalance